Usc Map Pdf map usc with 500 X 375


Usc Map Pdf map usc with 500 X 375

Perhaps you have ever seen a "family tree" diagram? That too the kind of Usc Map Pdf map usc with 500 X 375! A map of family relationships. You might have also seen various diagrams of the evolution of species - a much larger-scale kind of "family tree". These are generally maps that include time as well as space! You could also have seen "timelines", which are another kind of map of the time. Usc Map Pdf map usc with 500 X 375 do not have to relate simply to spatial measurements!

Consider a dictionary, or the index of a book, or even the table of contents of a book. Those too are Usc Map Pdf map usc with 500 X 375. The book is an interesting circumstance because in a way it is a kind of reverse-lookup map, in that the text have recently been arranged to slip the map! That is, the text have been put into a chain determined by the map: the dictionary puts the words into alphabetic order for ease of finding them. The Dewey Decimal Program used in libraries is kind of like that too: it can help Usc Map Pdf map usc with 500 X 375 where in the library the book you are interested in can be found.

In essence a map is a representation of relationships. But it is also true that manifestation is itself a map, because if you acquired no way of "mapping" (relating) the representation to whatever the representation presents you might not even realise that the manifestation is a representation at all! Think of the paintings of Pablo Picasso or Salvador Dali: pictures of things or people, yet distorted in some way. In case you distorted a picture even more, eventually it could be so distorted that you could not tell searching at it what it was intended to be a picture of; what presents. Your eyes and brain have to be able to "map" the image to the thing to be able to recognise what thing the represents.

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